Cadets going to Cambodia with YWAM

February 22, 2010

This Spring Break, seven cadets will be going to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on a mission trip with YWAM. The plane tickets have already been bought but each cadet still needs to pay another $700 for ground fees. We have a pretty young team, mostly freshmen and sophomores, and you know how much they get paid. If you would like to help out a little, pray about it and contact Thomas Chiasson at 719 439 1286 or Thanks fellas, and God bless!


1st Semester at GODchasers

November 3, 2009

Walking through this year so far with the men of Godchasers has been an incredible journey.  God has truly been working in the lives of so many not only here in Godchasers but also here at the Academy as a whole.  It has been so humbling to see the fruit of the labor that so many of you all put forth in establishing the mission and vison of GCs.  We truly are seeing the mission of expanding His kingdom at the academy coming to fruition.  Praise God!

We started off this year with the theme of becoming spritual men instead of walking like the “men of flesh” and “babes in Christ” that Paul speaks of in I Corinthians 3.  Holding to this challenge together as the brotherhood chasing after God has been sweet in that it has strengthened our bond even more so.  Accountability remains to be the backbone of our small groups and it is a huge blessing to see the growth that has come from that, especially in the many younger guys that have been coming to GCs.

The leadership team continues to do well in staying faithful and gaurding what the Lord as entrusted us with.  As always we ask you all to remember us in your prayers and pray that we continue to walk humbly with God and have the eyes to see the needs of the men we serve.  So far we have added to three members to the leadership team in Scott Robinson, Austin Moore, and Kip Weaver.  Scott is a senior and Austin and Kip are only Sophomores.  All three of these men have amazing hearts for God and we know that they have great purpose in being leaders for Him. 

Im sorry that it has taken us so long to get updates on the site, but we definitley will continue to do that.  We think of all of you alumni often and hope that you are well.  If you’re ever back in town, let us know!  Thank guys.

Much Love,

KJ Randhawa

New Leadership

April 30, 2009

So, KJ Randhawa will be leading Godchasers next semester! Please keep him adn the rest of the class of 2010 in yall’s prayers as they step up to lead GC’s through another awesome year.

Also, Dave Brown recently got a waiver for his eyes and will be going to UPT after all.

Pray for the GC’s as the academics start hitting hard these next few weeks. Also pray that we will all stay strong and accountable through the summer.

GC’s Update

April 16, 2009

So sorry it’s been a while. A lot of stuff has happened I guess.

The freshmen are recognized now, class of Hap Arnold, and they seem to have taken after ’09 as far as obnoxiously shouting their new exemplar when ever they hear the number 12.

A few Godchaser’s (Nate Jolls, Thomas Chiasson, Ben Brown, Bryan Stygall) went to Cameroon with the YWAM SPIRE over spring break and it was awesome. God really used every member of the team in awesome ways.

The Godchaser’s retreat on April 4th was also a blast. The theme was a life set apart, and speakers included Daniel Groethe, small groups pastor for theMILL, Ryan Carter from FCA, and Anthony Christian and Caleb McConnell, fellow Godchasers. Ryan Carter prayed for the gift of the Holy Spirit on Sunday and many GC’s received their prayer languages. It was pretty sweet.

A speaker was supposed to come this week, but because of a mandatory briefing, it was canceled and Godchasers was shortened to half an hour of worship. God really moved, and we took a few minutes to call out things we were thankful for as a group.

So that’s the update. The year is wrapping up so the classes are getting pretty tough right now, so be praying for our sanity, for the class of ’09 as they head out into the real world, for the class of ’13 as they go through a hard summer, and for the classes of ’10, ’11, and ’12, that they would stay strong over the summer and continue to advance God’s kingdom at the Academy.

Peace ‘n Love


February 28, 2009

Here’s what’s been going on in Godchasers recently:

  • Mark Favinger just got engaged. Congratulations!
  • Aaron and Jossie Stern came to Godchasers this week and had a Q&A session on relationships.
  • Recognition is only two weeks away, so be praying for the freshmen.

GODchasers newsletter

September 5, 2008

Welcome to GODchasers online!

Here’s what’s new in GODchasers:

  • GC Spring retreat will be April 4th.  Pray that God will rock their socks off.
  • Abby Cortese, a girl at theMILL and a close friend of a lot of the GC dudes, died in a car accident on Saturday (Jan 27).  The good news is she’s in heaven now hanging out with Jesus, but please be in prayer for her family and friends who are mourning her loss.

Be praying for this stuff whenever you think about it, and remember it’s all about knowing and loving Jesus!